GinkGo V.2023 - Cargo Bike - Shimano XT - Light Blue

We are proud to be the first retailer in Switzerland to stock the new GinkGo cargo bike from Sweden.

The GinkGo is a new type of cargo bike. With 2 equal sized wheels, and the weight carried low in between the wheels, it handles like a standard bike.

It's incredibly easy to negotiate tight turns and ride on mixed surfaces. High volume slick tyres make the bike roll well on tarmac, and can be swapped for mountain bike or gravel tyres if you plan to use the bike more off the road.

LIGHT WEIGHT At 19 kg, the GinkGo is the lightest bicycle in its category. As a result of extensive FEM simulations, lightness does not come at the price of stiffness or durability.

EASY ROLLING The GinkGo has two full size wheels. These big wheels make the GinkGo roll like a breeze. Disc brakes and thru axles add safety and stiffness.

LIKE A BIKE The GinkGo handles well and is fun to ride. It has been designed to share the handling dynamics of an ordinary bicycle. It loves asphalt, dirt, and trails alike.

CARRY ALL Take your stuff, your dog and of course 1-3 of your kids there and back. Single or twin kid seat are available. Rack kid seat can be mounted. Your dog will love this ride too.

COMPACT DESIGN Manoeuvring is a breeze. The short wheel base and low centre of gravity means you can weave through traffic like a car thief.

We have single (159CHF) and dual (235CHF) child seats available for the bike. This bike has a full Shimano XT drivetrain and brakes. If you want to specify a custom build, or custom colour then please drop us a line.

This non-electric version is the lighweight option. If you would prefer an electric GinkGo bike, then please get in touch. We will be ordering one soon, so could build you the perfect custom bike:

 For our brand new blue GinkGo with 27.5" Off Road Tyres,  please find it at our "Nouveautés 2023" section :-) ==>...