Gocycle G4 White

Gocycle’s mission is simple: to create the world’s best urban electric bikes.

The new G4 and G4i models set a new standard for lightweight design, innovation and performance in the portable urban e-bike segment.

The Gocycle G4 packs away perfectly for transit or storage in tight city living spaces, boats, or motorhomes.

More details on the Gocycle range can be found here:


We hold G4 and G4i bikes in stock here at bikes2fold, but if you need a different model then you can order directly from Gocycle, using the following partner code: BIKES2FO

As long as you use our BIKES2FO code when ordering your bike, then we will be able to help you as a service partner to set up and hand over your new bike, and provide a free first check-up after 150km of riding. Please drop us a line for the full terms and conditions to: service@bikes2fold.ch

We also have a demo G4 which can be tried out from our Cornavin store

  • SFr. 3,899.00